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ForestOud, born in the heart of London from an obsession of niche and oriental fragrance oils and scents. The brand symbolises regal feel and British pride; combining eastern & western style and culture to create a world of everlasting fragrances, through master craftsmanship of contemporary fragrances with a touch of magnificence.
Brand Insight
ForestOud London is much more than a fragrance brand, it resembles a lifestyle; a way of life. We are proud of our humble beginnings, BAME roots, traditions and values, which is deeply expressed through our product lines. We specialise in fragrance and personal care in the UK, and truly appreciate exotic luxuries, such as frangipani flowers or oud woods from the jungles in south-east Asia. Inspired by some of the finest natural scents available and eastern magnificence, we decided to blend it with western culture, luxury style and taste. ForestOud was born.
ForestOud always believed in simplicity and attention to detail being the key to elegance. When items are crafted slowly, by hand or in small batches, it makes the product more personal and adds more meaning. At ForestOud, we embody these values, which are conveyed in several ways such as in our fragrance oil collection:
Our fragrance oils go through a meticulous selection process where the ingredients are handpicked with care, distilled and blended in small batches by our team of highly skilled perfumers. Lastly, the chosen perfume is hand-poured into our gold engraved polished ForestOud bottles in house and carefully packed into a luxury travel/gift pouch. 
ForestOud Fragrances 
We pride ourselves in our exquisite blends, crafted with great care, skill and years of experience. Offering a wide range of female, male and unisex products whether it be for one's self or for loved ones, ForestOud aims to to provide not only a mesmerising experience, but exceed customer expectations.

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