How to choose the perfect perfume gift

Gifting perfumes is a gift that keeps on giving! Ever smelt a fragrance that reminds you of a person, a memorable time or place? Perfumes create memories.  When you give someone a fragrance that you have chosen just for them, it is one of the most thoughtful and personal gifts you can give. There is no classier gift; the gift of scent can create lifelong connections. Years could go by and every time that individual would smell the perfume or something similar, there’s a good chance that the person would think of you!

Perhaps you’ve attempted to select a perfume for a loved one in the past and the scent did not last long, or maybe they didn’t like the smell of the fragrance. Choosing a perfume for somebody can get tricky; especially if they are not there to smell it. However, there is a solution to this; it doesn’t always have to be so stressful. We’ve put together a few ways to make the experience of finding the perfect scented gift easy, whether it’s for friends, family or loved ones:

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  1. Find out what fragrances he/she likes or has worn previously, to give you a better idea on what types of perfumes they like. Or maybe try and take a quick snap on your phone if you can so that you don’t forget.
  2. Why not go the extra mile and search on Google the fragrance notes of those perfumes? You might notice they’re all floral fragrances, or that many of them share a common ingredient such as Oud wood or Rose. All you’d have to then is either check out our ‘floral’ collection or search up the fragrance notes in the search bar to find your recommendation!
  3. When still in doubt, go with a scent that is popular. If you are not sure which perfume to buy, and do not know what the other person likes/dislikes, you might want to take a look at the ‘bestselling’ perfumes for that brand. This is a safe option; they are popular for a reason and often quite subtle, or the fragrance notes used are loved by nearly everybody so you can’t really go wrong. The more familiar someone is with a given scent or note, the more likely they would be to give it a thumbs up.

Here are some of our best sellers, perfect for gifting:

All-rounders: Golden Dust, Oud Wood,

Sweet: Candyfloss, Golden Dust (oriental), Baccarat (Sweet/floral)

Floral: Belle (fruity floral), Dark Empress, Blossom (Sweet/Floral)

Fresh/Citrus: Creed Gold, Ocean Blue

Woody: Oud wood, Empire Oud

Musky: Pink Musk

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